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Welcome to “Marco Di Fresco’s Network”. I created this web site as a gateway to my other major web sites and pages.

Please select which web site of mine you want to visit from the following list.

My sites

Silicong Gadget - guides and reviews about computer, software and gadgets Marco Di Fresco's Personal Web Site
Silicon Gadget is a portal I have created to host various guides and reviews about computer, software and gadgets. is my personal blog where I plan to collect all my idea and thought not related to the world of computers.

Social networks

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Of course I also I have an account even on Facebook that I keep update quite often. This is my Twitter profile. It is less updated than any other site, but I am planning to find some usefulness for it.

Site I have created for other people

Ristorante La Berlera a Riva del Garda Immobiliare Pigafetta | Studio di consulenza ed intermediazione immobiliare
La Berlera is a fantastic restaurant located in Riva del Garda, Italy. Immobiliare Pigafetta is a real estate brokerage and consulting firm located in Vicenza, Italy.